Island Membership

Annual dues: $1,600
Golf use fee:
 $10 per round

An annual individual membership with certain playing restrictions and only available to year-round residents and their spouse who are registered voters of the six towns of Martha’s Vineyard. The number of Island Memberships authorized is determined from year to year by a vote of the Board of Directors. Island Members are not required to pay an initiation fee. Annual dues are billed in March of each year. If dues are not received by opening day, it will be assumed that there is no longer interest in membership and the membership will be retired.

Members have charge privileges for all fees incurred at the Club. All charges are payable within 30 days of billing. If any member’s financial obligations to the Club become over 60 days past due, that Member’s playing privileges at the Club shall be suspended until all obligations are brought current. Any Member still not current by December 31st will face permanent revocation of his or her membership.