Golf Tournaments

The following is the list of tournaments scheduled for the upcoming season. For more information about any tournament go to the calendar page or click on the link below.

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Tournaments for 2020

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May 17: Men's Spring Invitational Tournament

June 7: Children's Benefit Tournament

June 14: Men's June Invitational Tournament

June 16: Ladies' Day Opening Day: 3 Player Step Aside Scramble

June 23: Ladies' Day: Two & One Best Ball

June 30: Ladies' Day: Team Nassau

July 7: Ladies' Day: Annual Flag Tournament

July 10: Men's Golf Club Championship Tournament

July 13: 34th Annual Martha's Vineyard Hospital Golf Benefit

July 14: Women's Member-Member Tournament

July 19: Mixed Best Ball Net

July 21: Ladies' Day: One Best Ball of Three

July 26: Men's Member-Member Tournament

July 28: Ladies' Day: Solheim Cup

August 2: Junior Golf Club Championship Tournament

August 4: Women's Member-Guest Tournament

August 8: Men's Member-Guest Tournament

August 11: Ladies' Day: Baker's Dozen

August 18: Ladies' Day 3 Player Scramble

August 25: Ladies' Day: Century Tournament

August 30: Mixed Scramble

September 1: Ladies' Day: Closing Scrumble

September 6: Labor Day Scramble Tournament

September 20: Men's Fall Invitational Tournament

September 22: Women's Fall Invitational Tournament

November 1: Annual Turkey Shoot Tournament

General Tournament Rules

Ladies' Day Rules

The above general tournament rules apply unless overridden here. If you need to withdraw from an event, please notify the Pro Shop as soon as possible.