2020 President's Letter

As summer once again gives way to autumn, it is that time of year when we ask everyone to reflect on what makes the Vineyard stand out above all other places. Many are attracted to the simple joy of living on the edge of the sea; others enjoy the unique nature of a small island community, but for most everyone, it is the undeniable beauty of this fragile piece of land that retains the hold on us. No matter what the reason for your attraction, we all need to be reminded from time to time of the Vineyard’s vulnerability to unwelcome change. If ever a place had the potential to be loved to death, this is it.

As more and more people continue to discover why we so admire this place, the pressure for change grows. Luckily, the Island is blessed with a population that truly understands what makes this place a haven for all that live or visit here. All across the Island there are dedicated charitable agencies, organizations, partnerships and concerned citizens working tirelessly to protect the unique character of the Island – trying to preserve the very things that drew us here in the first place. We must never take their hard work for granted. The Farm Neck Foundation was formed as our way to give back to our community and to help all those who are working in our behalf to protect all the special qualities of Martha’s Vineyard. Your contributions help provide the means for these dedicated but under-funded volunteers to carry on their varied missions.

Through the years we have been able to offer assistance to a wide area of need across the Island to include: land conservation, flora preservation, ground and surface water protection, affordable housing, health care, education, emergency preparedness, historic preservation and food and provision distribution. All areas are important and all are interconnected.

We thank you for your generosity in the past and hope you can support the work of the Foundation again this year. Collectively, we have been able to make a real difference.

Timothy D. Sweet