Men's Golf Club Championship

July 9 – July 18, 2021

This event has ended

July 9: Championship Flight: 1st Round Qualifier

July 10: Championship Flight: 2nd Round Qualifier

July 10: All Other Flights: Qualifying Play

July 11: All Flights: Quarter-Finals

July 17: All Flights: Semi-Finals

July 18: All Flights: Match Play Finals

(Full & Island Members) There will be four Flights: Championship, A Flight, B Flight and Senior Flight.

Championship Flight: After the first two 18-hole rounds, the eight low scorers who qualify will advance to the quarter finals match play round. The four winning players from that round will advance to the semi-finals. The finals will be 18 holes of match play.

A, B and Senior Flights: After one 18-hole medal qualifying round, the eight low scorers in each flight will advance to match play.

Entry fee is $40 per Member. Cart fee is not included. Island Members will pay a guest fee for the first qualifying round only. Registration begins on Saturday, June 19th and the deadline is Wednesday, July 7th. Pairings will be posted Thursday, July 8th at 1:00 pm.

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