Grand Slam Round Robin Tournament

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm on July 7, 2018

This event has ended

Eight fixed, mixed doubles teams will compete in a Round Robin event. Each court will represent a different grand slam tournament:

  • Court 1 is the Australian Open where each team must start the point off in the Australian position.
  • Court 2 is the French Open where champagne and croissants will be served court side and all points are required to be played two back on the baseline.
  • Court 3 will be Wimbledon. Serve and volley, chip and charge and strawberries and cream are the ingredients.
  • Court 4 is the U.S. Open. One player up and one back is required. Hot dogs and apple pie will be served.

A final will be played between the top two teams. Prizes will be awarded to all. The fee is $100 per player. Please sign up by Friday, June 29th.

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