Wayne Smith

Photographer Wayne Smith has lived in West Tisbury for the past 18 years. “I appreciate a fresh perspective,“ he says. “I like to shoot in new and different ways. I‘ve always wanted a levitation device to gain access to views that I haven’t been able to achieve before. Although not very practical, I’ve often wished for my own bucket-truck, from which I could shoot landscapes all over the Island.”

This is what intrigued Wayne about coupling a camera with a quadcopter, (he prefers to use the term ‘quad’ because ‘drone’ often has negative connotations). “I’m intimately familiar with Farm Neck, both as a golfer and a landscape photographer, “ he says, “and my quad gave me photographic access to places I’d never been or seen.”

Wayne’s “rig” spent as much time stuck in the treetops and in the repair shop as it did successfully capturing images. “I‘m flying and shooting blind – without a live view. A lot of patience was required, as well as trial and error, but I’m thrilled with the results – I love Farm Neck.”

Available for assignments anywhere, Wayne Smith photographs landscapes, architectural interiors and exteriors, commercial work, weddings and portraits. More of his work may be viewed at the Farm Neck Café and at waynesmithphotography.com