Wayne Smith

Photographer Wayne Smith first visited Martha's Vineyard in February of 1979. "It was brutally cold, with a foot of snow on the ground," he remembers. "But even in the dead of winter, I was very taken by the Island and all its beauty. He later honeymooned here and then, eleven years ago, moved to West Tisbury with his wife, their three children and three dogs.

In the great tradition of landscape photographers, Smith has a keen understanding of meteorology and the seasons, and an appreciation for the slanted light of early morning and late afternoon. To photograph Farm Neck, he spent a year lying in the wait for the perfect sunrise, the peak of the full moon, following the light with his camera bag and tripod. He could be seen at odd hours of the day and night riding around on his battery-powered "steed", as he called his cart, exploring the course from every angle.

"Farm Neck became part of this love affair that I have with the Island," Smith says. "As an artist and a golfer, I was in heaven. I only wish the project had taken an additional year to complete."

Willing to travel anywhere in the world, Wayne Smith photographs landscapes, architectural interiors and exteriors, weddings and portraits. He is also available for commercial work. View his work at:www.waynesmithphotography.com.