Marjorie Mason

Martha's Vineyard has been my year-round home and place of work as an artist since 1987. I have been coming here to paint since the late seventies, but it wasn't until I lived here full time that I came to know the Island landscape intimately. Thanks to the many conservation paths and many more private commissions, I have been fortunate in discovering the sweeping grandeur and hidden charms that make this place magical. I am constantly on the lookout for that new point of view and perfect light that affirm my love of Martha's Vineyard. In Farm Neck I happily found all of this.

To my great delight, the landscapes of Farm Neck almost always include a water view, dramatic shapes and shadows, and the untamed nature that gives this Island its character. I especially love painting nature in its rawest form, the way it would be without man's influence, so I wondered if painting manicured fairways would present certain challenges. Happily, it did not. Riding around in my little cart I found myself constantly running out of film (and I always bring a lot), a sure sign that I have found inspiration. I would like to thank Farm Neck members for introducing me to this truly beautiful golf course and for being so kind, friendly, and careful not to bean me with their long drives when I was in the way, which I was frequently. I also discovered that artists and golfers have a few things in common. On the coldest, windiest, darkest and godforsaken days we would both be out there doing what we love.

Marjorie Mason obtained her B.F.A. at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1981. She has exhibited her work in one-woman shows on Martha's Vineyard and is displayed internationally in many private and corporate collections. She currently resides in Chilmark and is represented by the Edgartown Art Gallery.