2016 President's Letter

Great Communities always seem to rise up to any challenge and take pride in helping each other in both times of crisis and calm. As islanders, our strong sense of independence makes us work harder than most to preserve and protect our community and its citizens. Of course, as islanders, we also seldom agree on how best to go about it, but in a pinch we can always count on each other.The Farm Neck Foundation is our way of being a small part of the support fabric of our island community. 

We have always strongly believed in giving back to the community and the Foundation is our way to collectively put words into action. Our contribution has been to help support the many island volunteers and charitable agencies working in our behalf, whether it is helping those in need, protecting the environment, planning for our future or preserving our past.

Through the years the Foundation has already contributed over one million dollars to various Vineyard charities and causes thanks to the support of our members and members-to-be. I'm not sure if I am more proud of being able to help so many, or being a part of so many so willing to help. I do know, however, that Martha's Vineyard is a better place for your community spirit and generosity.We couldn't do it without you.

Timothy D. Sweet